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The iTinkr shop is the sales portal of iTinkr Inc. We do:

Book Publishing
Product Design
Film Production
Set Design

...and many more things. When those things result in an item for sale, you will likely find those items here. Unless they have their own website like:

Small Box Hardware Our specialty hardware store and
Cribscapes 3D and Custom Cribbage Boards.

For lots more about iTinkr, follow our Blog and consider subscribing to our email newsletter!

iTinkr Inc.
Bay 6, 3360 - 27th Street N.E. Calgary, Alberta
Canada, T1Y 5E2

Phone: (403) 452-5253
Toll Free: (877) 578-9771
Fax: (877) 509-1771
Email: Please use link at bottom of page

Revised: 4/5/2016
iTinkr Inc.
Bay 6, 3360 - 27th Street N.E.
Calgary, AB, Canada T1Y 5E2
email for
Toll Free: 877-578-9771